12 October 2015

Updated manual to ensure jurisdictions follow nationally consistent inspection standards.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is eyeing a November deadline for the release of new national inspection standards for the trucking industry.

The NHVR says it intends to complete and publish an updated version of the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual by November 30.

It says it has been consulting jurisdictions, police and industry associations on the make-up of the  new document to ensure it remains up to date and easier to read and use.

“It is important that the manual is regularly reviewed and updated as it provides Authorised Officers (including Transport Inspectors and Police) and Approved Vehicle Examiners (AVE) with a nationally consistent set of criteria to be applied when conducting a heavy vehicle inspection,” a statement from the NHVR says.

“The manual can also assist industry in determining their vehicles’ compliance to the heavy vehicle standards.”

The NHVR plans to use its appearance at this year’s Technical and Maintenance Conference (TMC) to explain the changes being made to the manual and what it means for the industry.

“There will be a number of sessions over the course of the three day event that will cover the major chapters of the manual,” the NHVR says.

The TMC begins in Melbourne on October 26 and runs until October 28.

Extracted in full from Owner Driver.