28 October 2015

A petrol station has been destroyed in a fire at Riverton north of Adelaide overnight.

Police said the fire began about 6pm on the corner of Hannaford Terrace and Torrens Road andreportedly included explosions from gas cylinders.

Two patrons said they were sitting outside the Riverton Hotel and raised the alarm when they saw smoke coming from the building alerting the publican who called triple-0.

The men then checked to see the building was vacant, as well as the owner’s house next door.

Fire Cause investigators attended the scene to determine the cause of the fire.

Senior Constable Rebecca Stokes said CFS crews imposed an exclusion zone amid concerns about the station’s fuel tanks.

“The incident was declared a dangerous area last night, enforcing a 500-metre exclusion zone,” she said.

“That’s to assist emergency services and protect the public because they were quite concerned about some of the volatile and flammable materials at the site.”

The exclusion zone is to be reassessed later today.

Police said there were no injuries and no damage was caused to neighbouring properties.

According to locals, the station is believed to have been in the one family for three generations and the building has stood for nearly 100 years.

Riverton Deli owner Alison Brandsma said the owners of the service station would be devastated to have “lost their livelihood”.

“At the moment, they would be numb,” she said.

“[It will] take a few days for it to really sink in and then – I’m not sure [what they will do].

“There goes their livelihood. They’re lovely … everyone will have their backs.”

Ms Brandsma said the service station had been the only one in the town, meaning buying petrol would now require at least a 12-kilometre journey.

She said there was a petrol station at Saddleworth, but if heading to Adelaide, there was not a station until Roseworthy, 50 kilometres away.

“It is sad for the town,” Ms Brandsma said.

“It’s going to be an inconvenience to a lot of people and I think a lot of people will realise how lucky we are to have had a petrol station here.”

Extracted in full from ABC News.