Cameron Mccrohon, 27 October 2015

IF YOU think petrol prices in Biloela are too high, you would be correct.

Biloela motorists are paying 145.9c per litre for unleaded and 137.9c per litre for diesel.

But their eyes open and jaws drop when they drive through Bouldercombe and see unleaded 19c cheaper at 126.9 and diesel nine cents cheaper.

The Puma service station in Calliope is selling unleaded for 131.9 and diesel for 135.9.

Jambin resident Bob Reimer said he couldn’t understand how the petrol stations, particularly those owned by the same company, could get away with charging so much more between the two towns.

“I’ve asked for an explanation, but have not received one,” Mr Reimer said.

Central Telegraph contacted Puma Fuel, which owns a string of service stations, including one in Biloela and Calliope.

However its media spokeswoman said it was company policy not to comment on petrol pricing.

“There are so many different reasons why fuel prices increase and decrease and why there is price variance between towns,” the spokeswoman said.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said the price of petrol in Biloela was 13cents higher than what RACQ believed to be fair for the area.

“Just looking at Biloela, all the services stations are keeping their prices at 145.9,” Ms Smith said.

“RACQ believes the fair price for petrol in Biloela should be 132cents per litre.

“We calculate what we think is a fair price by taking into account a lot of factors, including the price of oil, the terminal gate price and also reasonable costs and margins.

“Taking all things into account though, we say that prices are more than 10c per litre too high in Biloela.

Ms Smith said it appeared services stations weren’t acting competitively and were all keeping their prices at 145.9.

Ms Smith said RACQ had called on the ACCC to look at fuel pricing in Queensland because it found in many parts of the state the prices were higher than what RACQ believed was fair.

Extracted in full from the Central Telegraph.