Phillippa Butt, 30 September 2015

THE RACV is warning motorists not to buy petrol ahead of the Grand Final long weekend.

According to the auto club’s website, prices are trending up and motorists are advised to not spend more than 139.7c per litre.

RACV spokesman Michael Case said petrol prices generally run in a two or three-week cycle, with a sudden rise at the start and then a slow decline over the following weeks.

“At the beginning of the cycle, the fuel price goes up at least 15-20c per litre at one time,” he said.

“Then on Friday the price started to go up, towards a 25c per litre increase.”

Despite a common belief that fuel prices always rise before a public holiday, Mr Case said this wasn’t always the case.

“It’s a myth that fuel prices go up before every public holiday,” he said.

“It can happen, but our research shows it doesn’t always happen.”

However, he agreed that fuel prices were currently at a peak.

“The low point of the last cycle was last Friday, and prices have been going up since then,” he said.

“Currently we’re at a peak and we would expect fuel prices to start falling by approximately 1c per litre per day.”

“In other words, if you have a choice, holding off as long as possible and filling up towards the end of the weekend will save you money.”

Mr Case suggested drivers be aware of fuel cycles by checking the RACV website for price trends and comparisons in their local areas.

Extracted in full from the Herald Sun.