The Australian Department of Industry and Science has called for submissions from all interested parties on the future direction of the Oilcode. ACAPMA is preparing a submission on this matter and is keen to hear from members about the adequacy or otherwise of this current industry regulation.

The Oilcode is a regulation for the Australian Oil Industry that was established by the passing of the Competition and Consumer (Industry Code-Oilcode) Regulation 2006. The code regulates the conduct of suppliers, distributors and retailers in the petroleum marketing industry.

Specifically, the Oilcode:
* Establishes standard contractual terms and conditions for fuel reselling arrangements
* Outlines requirements for the reporting of Terminal Gate Prices
* Provides a scheme for the management of disputes between parties to a fuel reselling agreement

The original legislation made provision for Oilcode to be retired after its 10 year anniversary (i.e. April 2017).

Given this ‘sunset’ provision, the Australian Department of Industry and Science (DI&S) is now seeking feedback from industry about whether Oilcode should be:
a) renewed for a further 10 years
b) redrafted as a new code
c) retired in accordance with the provisions in the original legislation

This latest round of consultation follows stakeholder consultation conducted earlier in the year that largely centred on a number of matters including: (a) potential reforms specific contractual terms which established within the Oilcode; (b) potential improvements to the dispute resolution processes; and, (c) the future utility of continuing to report Terminal Gate Prices.

A copy of the latest Discussion Paper outlining the options for Oilcode has been released and can be viewed here.

The ACAPMA Secretariat is currently preparing a submission to this latest Discussion Paper on behalf of members and is interested to hear member views on whether the existing regulation should be continued, replaced, or retired.

Members wishing to provide feedback on this matter can contact ACAPMA on 1300 160 270 or email