Greg Bush, 29 October 2015

BP’s Port of Brisbane truckstop has a number of attractive features, including a qualified chef.

In recent years the growth in and around the Port of Brisbane has called for another truckstop to meet the needs of industry.

In 2014 BP heeded the call, and this month the BP Port of Brisbane is celebrating its first birthday.

Situated a few metres from the Port of Brisbane Motorway, the relatively new BP truckstop boasts 11 diesel pumps, AdBlue at the bowser, a weighbridge and a qualified chef in Richard Clayton.

With Richard’s credentials, it’s a win all round for the BP’s clientele, with a range of food exceeding the typical truckstop fare.

“Probably our cold displays are the biggest difference we have,” Richard says.

“We offer a lot more with sandwiches, baguettes, open Turkish rolls and things like that.

“Obviously the hot food is always going to be the same in this environment, with burgers, wet dishes and casseroles.”

For the truckies the most popular items are always casseroles and roasts.

It’s at night, and early morning, when truck drivers make up the majority of customers. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and with enough space for up to 25 trucks out the back, there are more than a few overnighters; plus the availability of showers is an added attraction.

Extracted in full from Owner Driver.