Marissa Calligeros, 03 November 2015

A balaclava-clad thief has stolen a Melbourne service station’s entire stock of cigarettes.

The man parked his white ute outside the Shell Coles Express on Middleborough Road in Blackburn North about 4.30am on October 19.

He jemmied open the front door and squeezed inside, where he then prised open the store’s cigarette cabinets.

In order to get the cabinet doors out, he needed to open the front door even further.

So, after a few unsuccessful attempts to slide the door back, he pulled it off entirely.

He proceeded to load the cigarettes into the back of his ute and drove off.

He was wearing a light-coloured jumped with the word “Bronx” written on the front, dark pants and several gold chains around his neck. He is described as having a medium build.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 FREE.

Extracted in full from The Age.