Kristy Sexton-McGrath, 16 November 2015

Police are investigating two armed robberies in Cairns over the weekend.

A man armed with a handgun robbed a pizza store at a shopping centre at Redlynch on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, two men held up a service station at Yorkey’s Knob about 4:00am (AEST) today.

Senior Constable Russell Parker said the men demanded cigarettes and cash.

“They were armed with a length of steel and what was possibly a machete or a cane knife,” he said.

“No injuries were sustained to the attendant thankfully but certainly they were shaken up by what had occurred.

“They’ve complied with the demands, they’ve provided the amounts of money that’s been demanded and they’ve been able to ensure their personal safety because on both counts the offenders have left as soon as that’s been complied with.

“That’s essentially what you want in these situations, it’s no good getting into an argument over a small amount of money.”

Extracted in full from the ABC News.