As part of the ongoing commitment to safety and compliance ACAPMA is hosting another Fuel Industry Safety Forum Townhall Session in Melbourne. Bringing together regulators, site operators and business owners, the Fuel Industry Safety Forum Townhall Sessions are open to all in the industry and offer a unique opportunity for industry operators to hear directly from regulators about safety and compliance initiatives, issues and regulatory responses.

Building on a tradition of direct engagement with regulators the Fuel Industry Safety Forum Townhall Sessions are an open invitation to all in the industry, regardless of membership status. ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie explains ‘safety and compliance is an issue of importance for the whole industry, and it is of benefit to members and non members to come together to hear from regulators and gain a more complete understanding of not only their expectations, but possible approaches to achieving compliance. A safer and more compliant industry is a benefit to the whole industry as well as the community and seen as an important focus for the Association.’

ACAPMA Executive Manager for Employment and Training, and the driver for safety and compliance within the Association, Elisha Radwanowski elaborates, ‘The Fuel Industry Safety Forum has been run by the Association for several years, and has typically had a focus on fostering direct engagement with regulators, and then working towards solutions to industry wide issues raised in session’. Examples of programs that have come out of the direct engagement with regulators include the Petroleum Convenience Compliance course providing standardised best practice safety and compliance training for console operators, and the National Petroleum Contractor Recognition Scheme providing pre qualification, recognition and standardised training for fuel site workers.

‘The direct engagement model is still a priority for the Association, and ACAPMA will continue to work directly with regulators to understand the broader issues and develop best practice and compliance solutions. However, it was determined to be time to open the Forum to a Townhall format that will allow all industry participants; site operators, depot managers, transport operators and contractors, to hear directly from local regulators with a view to developing deeper understanding of safety and compliance in their business and to fostering longer term relationships with regulators who are happy to work with businesses to achieve compliance’ Mrs Radwanowski added.

The Fuel Industry Safety Forum Townhall Session in Melbourne will hear from representatives from the National Measurement Institute and WorkSafe as well as the Environmental Protection Agency VIC who are providing information on the EPA VIC UPSS Program (for more see article here).

‘The Townhall Session is an early start, to minimise disruption to a normal work day for attendees, and will provide important information for any business in the petroleum industry. Importantly there is no cost to attend, as the Association stands by its commitment to facilitating safety and compliance development across the whole industry and we look forward to seeing everyone there.’ Elisha said.

Fuel Industry Safety Forum | Townhall Session

When | Tuesday 10th November 2015 8:00-9:30am
Where | Arthur J Gallagher Offices, 289 Wellington Pde South, East Melbourne
Please note that tea, coffee and light refreshment will be provided

Please feel free to pass this invitation on to industry contacts that could benefit from attending. As this is a catered event please ensure you RSVP.