Kurtis Eicher, 05 November 2015

A LARGS Bay petrol station will be allowed to stay open around-the-clock — but they must keep the music down for nearby residents.

The Peregrine Corporation in August took over the old Caltex petrol station at 354 Military Rd, turning it into an On The Run convenience store.

Port Adelaide Enfield Council’s Development Assessment Panel last week allowed the company to operate its store and fuel pumps 24-hours per day, up from its previous operating hours of 8am-10pm.

However, the panel voted to limit the business’s permission for playing pop music on its outside speakers, amid concerns it would keep residents awake.

It will only be allowed to play music from 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday and 9am to 7pm on Sundays.

Eight neighbours opposed the development in submissions to the council’s panel.

Neighbours Pawel Winiarz and Deborah Briggs-Rankine told the meeting a 24-hour petrol station would increase noise and traffic in the area.

“The increased hours will increase noise and traffic and increase the chance of accidents, making it potentially dangerous,” Mr Winiarz said.

The panel’s chair David Ellis said outside music would “drive me nuts” while fellow panel member Mark Basham said most people “hated it”.

Lawyer Jamie Botten, who appeared on behalf of Peregrine, said noise and traffic concerns were unfounded.

“The noise associated with the extended hours will in fact be less than a vehicle continuing along Military Rd at a constant speed,” Mr Botten told the meeting.

The site, at the corner of Military Rd and Wills St, has been used as a petrol station since the 1960s.

The petrol station also has a car wash and dog wash.

Extracted in full from The Portside Messenger.