12 November 2015

WARWICK motorists are paying more than their fair share when they fill up at the bowser.

Warwick is known as one of the cheaper spots on the Darling Downs to refuel, and residents were surprised to hear they were paying an average of 16 cents per litre more than Brisbane motorists for unleaded fuel.

The RACQ Fair Fuel Price guide which compares prices across the state showed an average price of $1.28 in Warwick compared with Brisbane’s $1.12 for unleaded fuel.

Many residents were unhappy that the prices in town did not compete with those in Brisbane.

“It does peeve me off to see the prices so high here,” Sue Watkon said.

“I’m really surprised to hear that we have higher prices,” Alfred Duggan said.

“I always thought we were cheaper than somewhere like Brisbane,” he added.

Some motorists said the prices were still better than those in other parts of Queensland.

“I’ve come from Blackwater, and when I fill up the price is usually about 30 cents higher per litre,” Gavin Byrne said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Toowoomba and Dalby had similar prices for unleaded fuel, with the highest in Goondiwindi at an average of $1.38 per litre.

RACQ’s Fuel Price Advice has the latest information to get a benchmark fuel price near you athttp://www.racq.com.au.

Fuel Prices

What you paid for fuel in Warwick yesterday:

  • Caltex Roadhouse $1.29
  • Matilda $1.28
  • United on Helene $1.27
  • Woolworths $1.28
  • BP $1.28
  • Caltex on Wallace $1.29
  • United on Wallace $1.27
  • Koreman’s BP $1.29

Extracted in full from the Warwick Daily News.