19 November 2015

TRUCKIES who plan on using a new BP on the Logan Mwy East won’t be charged double tolls if they get back on the highway within three hours.

BP has invested in licence recognition software to help avoid motorists being charged double.

However if you spend longer than three hours, say you’re due for a seven-hour rest break or you get back on the highway and go in a different direction, you will be charged another toll when you re-enter the highway.

BP Logan Mwy is located eastbound on the Logan Mwy and Paradise Rd interchange at Larapinta, is the first Highway Service Centre to be opened in Queensland in 10 years and is one of Australia’s largest service centres.

With an estimated 200 heavy vehicle visits per day within the first year, the centre provides dedicated truck rest stop facilities, including a separate truckers’ lounge and unisex and female-only shower facilities.

The new design also features a 5.4m truck-friendly canopy, ultra high-flow diesel under the canopy and Adblue dispensed from the pump.

BP has invested in technology to ensure customers using the centre are not re-tolled when re-entering the motorway after their short stop.

The camera technology managed by go via ensures centre convenience does not cost the customer.

A spokeswoman said the go via network was committed to promoting the safe travel of customers on its network.

“The BP Logan Mwy East service station is providing a much-needed rest fuel facility for the growing freight and commuter markets on our network,” she said.

“Motorists travelling on the Logan Mwy, who exit at a Paradise Rd off-ramp, use the service centre and then re-enter the motorway in the same direction using a Paradise Rd on-ramp within a three-hour period will not be charged a toll when re-entering the motorway.

“Motorists who use the service centre for longer than a three-hour period, or who enter the service centre and then re-enter the motorway in a different direction, will be charged a toll when re-entering the motorway.”

Brisbane City Councillor Angela Owen-Taylor said the $30 million investment by BP provided a major incentive for trucks to stay on major arterials.

BP has directly employed 38 staff for the service centre, with additional staff being employed by its fast-food partners.

“The opening of BP Logan Mwy is part of BP’s commitment to grow our retail business in the Australian market,” BP sales and marketing Australia vice-president Mike McGuinness said.

“BP Logan Mwy is a great addition to the network of BP service stations around Australia.

“I would like to welcome the new employees from the local community to the BP team to help provide excellent BP service to all of our customers”.

New BP

  • The site covers 3.41ha, with parking available for 132 cars, two coaches, three caravans, 15 B-double trucks and six semi-trailers
  • The service centre offers the full range of BP advanced fuels and lubricants, including diesel at every pump onsite
  • The site includes BP’s usual food offers, such as Wild Bean Cafe, where customers can enjoy a gourmet coffee in café style seating. The site also hosts fast food partners McDonald’s and Red Rooster, with restaurant-style seating for 144 customers

Extracted in full from Big Rig.