Katrina Hinschen, 04 November 2015

A MAN was attacked near the Shell service station on Bridge Inn Rd, Mernda by three men on Saturday night.

The 42-year-old Doreen man was walking east on Bridge Inn Rd from the Plenty Rd intersection when he heard a noise behind him at about 8.40pm.

Whittlesea Detective Senior Constable Matthew McKenzie said as the man turned around he was hit in the face with an unknown weapon.

“He fell to the ground before looking up and seeing three males standing over him,” Sen-Constable McKenzie said.

“One of the males made a demand for his phone and money. The victim did not hand any items over and replied that he had no money.

“He then stood and struck one of the males to the face before running east along Bridge Inn Rd.”

Extracted in full from the Herald Sun.