11 November 2015

The Coonamble Shire is being urged not to proceed with plans to restrict heavy vehicles in the town.

A Council report says there has been significant damage to roads leading to grain storages west of Coonamble during the last fortnight.

Councillors will this morning consider a proposal to introduce a five-tonne load limit on Aberford, Warrena and McCullouch Streets.

Transport operator Phil Proctor said stopping large trucks from using those streets would shift the problem elsewhere.

“We are a rural town and people need to understand them (sic) sort of things, you know we’re paying our registration and everything for our trucks and paying our fuel taxes on our fuel,” Mr Proctor said.

“Why aren’t we allowed to drive on the streets and I mean if you want to stop the trucks going on them (sic) streets it’s only going to put pressure someone else and you’re still going to have to fix the road aren’t you?”

Mr Proctor said limiting heavy vehicle access would hamper freight efficiency.

“It’s just a big inconvenience to drivers, all your businesses that are on them (sic) roads where you can drive in and get tyres and so on and food, etcetera, they’ve tried to stop all the trucks passing in town, we’ve caused more problems.

“They want the businesses to go and head in town they need to have an open shire.”

Extracted in full from ABC News.