05 November 2015

A MAN who had his car stolen while he paid for his fuel in Goodna this week has been criticised – some would say unfairly – for leaving his keys in the car.

The victim had just filled up and left the car unattended for a short time when a woman hopped in and drove off.

While leaving the keys in the ignition at the service station is an old Aussie habit that will probably die hard, police have warned motorists to never leave vehicles unlocked, with an increase in opportunist and often desperate thieves getting around.

It seems many of the QT’s Facebook followers recognise the risks in leaving the keys in the car – even for a few minutes.

Simone Louise posted: “Well the law says you are meant to lock your car whenever you leave it – even at the fuel station.

Kel Murray added: “Don’t leave keys in your car.”

Karla Isayed also got in on the act with: “That’ll teach them for leaving their keys in the car.”

Not everyone was up for blaming the poor man whose car was stolen.

In fact, David Bowles had a big crack at all the Facebook posters who criticised the victim.

“And how many of you do gooders replying on here have never left your keys in the car or left the doors unlocked while you walked the ten-or-so metres to the console to pay for fuel?

The second part of Mr Bowles’ post is probably not fit to repeat in the QT, but he made it pretty clear that he wasn’t a fan of the woman who committed the real crime in this matter – the theft of a vehicle from an innocent person.

Nathan Finch also picked up on this point: “And here is the problem with society at present; victim blaming. When will people start saying that it is wrong to take something that isn’t theirs? Maybe when we start condemning the thief, things may turn around.”

Some of the other posters said the incident reflected poorly on Goodna, with some suggesting that the simple act of buying fuel in Goodna was dangerous enough in itself.

Teagan Lee posted: “Goodna service station strikes again”, to which Emma Holdcroftresponded: “I NEVER fill up at Goodna.”

Cola Curry added: “It’s Goodna. Enough said.

Extracted in full from the Queensland Times.