Media Release, 05 November 2015

A ground-breaking workplace initiative launched by Caltex Australia three years ago has led to a 25% increase in the number of women successfully transitioning back to work and developing their careers after having a baby.

The leading Australian fuel supplier launched its BabyCare package in 2012 in response to a common trend of female employees who, while very well-supported during their parental leave, found that the practical and financial challenges when transitioning back to work made it too hard to achieve their goal of balancing their careers and family.

Caltex Head of Capability, Performance and Reward Alena Mackie said the initiative – which includes a 3% quarterly bonus (12% total per annum) and practical assistance with finding appropriate childcare – had helped boost the number of female employees returning to the workplace after having a child.

“Our analysis shows that new mothers are not only returning to work at Caltex but choosing to stay with us once they do, confirming once again the importance of focusing on the transition back to work just as much as providing parental leave,” Ms Mackie said.

The BabyCare package was just one of many initiatives that had contributed to Caltex’s recognition today with an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

“Caltex has taken some big strides in terms of improving its gender equality over recent years, but our journey continues,” Ms Mackie said.

“We are particularly pleased with our negligible gender pay differential of 1.1% on a like-forlike basis and the significant progress that we’re making towards our goal to increase the number of female senior leaders across our organisation.

“In 2013, one in every five senior leaders at Caltex was female – we reached our goal of improving this to one in four last year and are now on-track to make it one in three in 2016.

“To continue increasing the representation of women in senior positions, we are strengthening our senior female talent pipeline by providing appropriate development and promotion opportunities, continuously monitoring key gender metrics and committing to innovative initiatives such as the BabyCare package.”


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What is the Caltex BabyCare Package?
Caltex recognises that returning to work after caring full-time for a newborn baby can be challenging, both emotionally and financially. And so we support the happy and effective return to work of our primary carer employees, with the following benefits available up until their baby’s second birthday:

Caltex BabyCare Bonus – Caltex provides a 3% bonus each quarter (a total of 12% per year on base salary inclusive of superannuation) to a primary carer once they return to work. This payment helps offset the additional costs to the employee, in particular, paying for childcare.

Emergency BabyCare – Caltex understands that sometimes to ‘get the job done’ a new parent may need urgent care for their baby. Caltex provides returning primary carers with access to Dial-an-Angel mothercraft nurses or carers. This service is available for up to five times each year until the child turns two.

Help identifying appropriate childcare – Caltex provides a specialist service that assists working parents to identify longer-term childcare solutions for their baby.

Parental Transition Group – Caltex provides employees with opportunities to get together with other parents and parents-to-be, to network, share, discuss key topics of interest and hear from a schedule of subject matter experts on relevant topics to support them.

Who is the primary carer?
A baby’s primary carer means the person who physically cares for the child on a daily basis and is responsible for meeting the child’s physical needs. Only one parent can be the primary carer at any time.

Who can apply for the Caltex BabyCare Package?
Permanent employees (either full-time or part-time) employed by Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd, Caltex Refineries (NSW) Pty Ltd, Caltex Refineries (QLD) Pty Ltd, Caltex Petroleum Services Pty Ltd and Caltex Lubricating Oil Refinery Pty Ltd.

Does Caltex control how the BabyCare Bonus is spent?
No, the BabyCare Bonus is just like any bonus payment – it is entirely up to each employee as to how they spend the bonus in caring for their families.

What Paid Parental Leave does Caltex offer Primary Carers?
The following paid parental leave is available to Caltex employees who are primary carers of a newborn baby:

Primary Carer | Support provided
Birth mother |  12 calendar weeks full pay or 24 calendar weeks half pay
Non-birth parent |  8 calendar weeks full pay or 16 calendar weeks half pay