11 November 2015

Savvy Sydney drivers could save hundreds of dollars each year by driving further afield for cheap petrol, a 9NEWS investigation has revealed.

There was a 28-cent price difference in unleaded E10 fuel across Sydney today, with the cheapest on offer for 109.9 cents per litre at Metro Petroleum in Marrickville. The most expensive E10 was priced at 137.9 cents per litre.

Based on the 28-cent price difference, filling up a 60-litre tank could have saved up to $16.80.

Drivers were willing to drive from as far away as Rose Bay to save on fuel at Petersham’s Budget Petrol, station operator Diann Melas said

“People will not only go to their local, but they’ll drive 10, 15, 20 kilometres to get that cheaper price,” she said.

The NRMA has also calculated what price difference is worth a longer trip for different-sized vehicles, ruling that driving a few kilometres for a saving of up to five cents was a waste of time and money.

However, the calculations revealed a saving of more than five cents was worthwhile for some cars.

“Shop around, do your research and make the most of the bargains that are out there,” NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said.

The best bargains were in suburbs with the most independent service stations, he said.

Websites like Motormouth and Fuel Watch also provide daily fuel price updates.

More information about petrol prices is available on the NRMA website.

Extracted in full from Nine News.