Bethany Tyler, 23 November 2015

TEN teens have stolen $600 worth of snacks from a Port­arlington service station.

Staff member Mahesh Vaka said the gang, with members aged between 16 and 20, stole about four boxes of Cherry Ripes, Flakes and Crunchies, two rows of chips, beef jerky and cans of soft drink from the Tower Rd store on Friday.

“The stock had just been completely filled up,” Mr Vaka said.

“They cost us between $500 and $600.”

He said the employee working at the time saw a girl in the group hide confectionary in her shirt and hoody, while a few of the boys stuffed items into their bag.

“He saw them on the camera and went to ask them what they were doing but they ran away,” Mr Vaka said.

“He caught up to three of the guys and took a photo on his mobile phone.”

Leading Senior Constable Kendra Jackson said the group was in the store for about a minute before fleeing the shop and running west along Tower Rd.

The boys are described as being in their late teens and wearing hoodies and jeans.

The police have not ­released images of the offenders at this stage.

They are appealing for witnesses and ask anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 FREE.

Extracted in full from the Geelong Advertiser.