Geoff Egan, 02 December 2015

BOTH sides of Queensland politics are taking credit for an increased ethanol mandate which passed through parliament on Tuesday.

The Liquid Fuel Supply bill involves an ethanol mandate of 3% on petrol and 0.5% on diesel from January, 1 2017.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said the bill meant in 2017 E10 fuel will be required to make up 30% of petrol sales.

“The Bill passed by Parliament includes an initial 3% ethanol mandate for petrol and a half a per cent bio-based diesel mandate with both due to start on 1 January 2017,” he said.

“These mandates will stimulate economic growth and jobs and encourage investment in the biofuels and bio-manufacturing industries, while maintaining consumer choice.

But Shadow Energy Minister Andrew Powell said the LNP had “forced Labor’s hand” in getting the bill through.

“The LNP Opposition was active in forcing the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s hand in May, introducing a motion calling on Labor to act on this issue,” he said.

“Regional communities will now enjoy opportunities for economic growth and job creation, through an alternative and stable market for grain, cane and other feedstocks.”

The previously announced plan was for E10 fuel to make up 20% of regular petrol sales from July next year.

Extracted in full from Queensland Times.