Genevieve Hayward, 03 December 2015

INVESTIGATIONS by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have revealed motorists in the Caboolture region are paying consistently higher prices to fill up their car.

Motorists in the area paid up to 18 cents per litre higher than the Australian average for capital cities in late August.

Federal LNP MP for Longman Wyatt Roy said prices in the area will now be included in the ACCC’s quarterly reports on price movements after he launched a petition calling on the commission to investigate the disparity.

“By speaking up as a community we’ve won an important first step — transparency,” Mr Roy said.

“For the first time, the ACCC has added our region to its fuel price watch list.”

Mr Roy said the government has given the ACCC new powers to conduct “deep dives” into local fuel markets suspected of pricing irregularities.

“These are markets that require closer and more specific examination,” Mr Roy said.

“Petrol is one of the biggest costs for local families.

“We need to find out exactly what’s going on and do everything we can to bring prices down.”

Caboolture’s soaring petrol prices:

July — 6.7c/L higher than five city average

August — 18c/L higher than five city average

September — 4.6c/L higher than five city average

Extracted in full from the Courier Mail.