AAP, 15 December 2015

Caltex Australia reports November unlagged Caltex refiner margin was US$14.42/bbl, down from US$16.23/bbl in October.

Regionally, the unlagged Caltex Singapore weighted average margin was US$14.67bbl, above the prior month (October 2015: US$13.46/bbl) and prior year (November 2014: US$14.26/bbl).

Lower Brent crude oil prices slightly offset by higher petrol and diesel refiner margins in the last week of November drove an unfavourable (US$ 0.71)/bbl pricing lag (October unfavourable: (US $0.57)/bbl).

The November 2015 realised CRM was US$13.71/bbl, below the October 2015 CRM of US$15.66/bbl and prior year comparative (November 2014: US$17.99/bbl).

Originally published as Caltex November refiner margin down

Extracted in full from News.com.au.