14 December 2015

A SHOCKING attack at a service station at Lake Macquarie has left a man in hospital and four people facing the courts.

A man, 20, was punched, kicked and stomped on at a service station on the Pacific Hwy at Belmont North about 12.45am yesterday. He was walking past the station with an 18-year-old friend when a white Toyota van pulled up. Inside the van was a man, 19, two 17-year-old males and a female, 17. Shortly after stopping two people got out of the vehicle and confronted the two males before a fight broke out.

CCTV footage shows the 20-year-old being tackled to the ground and being kicked and repeatedly stomped on. His 18-year-old friend gets punched in the head while trying to come to his aid.

The attack only finishes when another car pulls into the service station. The offenders then get back into their van and drive off leaving the victim unconscious.

The van’s occupants were later arrested and charged while the victim is recovering in hospital.

Extracted in full from the Daily Telegraph.