Renee Pilcher, 16 December 2015

MOTORISTS have made it clear on social media where they love to get their fuel from.

On Tuesday The Gympie Times’ sister publication, The Fraser Coast Chronicle, revealed Tiaro’s United Service Station had the cheapest petrol within 1000km, and the second cheapest in all of Queensland.

For Hervey Bay’s Nicolar Smart, she was already in on the bargain prices.

“(I) have been going through Tiaro several times in the last couple of months so have always filled up there,” she said.

“They are always busy.

“Thanks to them for the low price.”

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said in parts of the Fraser Coast petrol was more than 10 cents cheaper than the competitive Brisbane market.

She said the best way to help drive down fuel prices was for motorists to vote with their wallets.

“Makes you wonder what the price scam in Hervey bay is about,” Stephen Allwood said.

“Lived here over 35 years and have heard every excuse under the sun.”

“Tiaro United hands down been about 1.16 for months,” Tiaro resident Mickey Cee said.

RACQ’s Ms Smith urged families to fuel up on cheaper local prices before heading off on Christmas holidays.

Extracted in full from the Gympie Times.