Kevin Farmer, 22 December 2015

THE RACQ is urging motorists to boycott Hervey Bay petrol stations and fill up on fuel in Maryborough as petrol prices remain almost 10 cents dearer in the Whale City.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said petrol prices were about $1.20 per litre in Maryborough while prices were still hovering around $1.29 per litre in Hervey Bay.

“That’s about 10 cents above what we think is fair,” she said.

“The message we are sending is for those who have the opportunity to fill up in Maryborough instead of Hervey Bay.”

Ms Smith said Fraser Coast fuel was still cheaper than the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, with prices about $1.30 to $1.34 a litre.

“It’s in the expensive phase of the cycle,” Ms Smith said.

“Prices will continue to fall over the next week.”

Ms Smith said that on the Wide Bay there wouldn’t be much movement in price as Maryborough and Bundaberg were already seeing relatively low prices.

“There won’t be as much movement close to Christmas Day,” she said.

“But we would like to see prices drop in Hervey Bay.

“It would be disappointing to see prices go up.”

A spokeswoman for Caltex said there could be a number of factors behind the difference in prices in Hervey Bay and Maryborough, including different levels of local competition, which could relate to how aggressive individual retailers were in their fuel prices.

Other factors could include different levels of passing traffic, distance and location factors and different convenience store sales.

Last week it was revealed that the Fraser Coast was home to the second cheapest petrol price in Queensland, with unleaded ethanol-based fuel selling for $1.189 a litre at Tiaro’s united Service Station.

Drivers would have to travel more than 1000km to find cheaper fuel in Queensland, with Ayr having the cheapest unleaded fuel in the state at $1.15 a litre.

Unleaded ethanol-based petrol was yesterday selling for $1.169 a litre at Tiaro while the price of diesel fuel was just $1.167 a litre.

Hervey Bay’s Shannon Magann said she was planning to travel to New South Wales for Christmas tomorrow.

She said she hadn’t given much thought to the cost of petrol, but on hearing that fuel in Maryborough was 10 cents cheaper, she said she would definitely be filling up in the Heritage City rather than in Hervey Bay.

Attempts were made to contact managers at Hervey Bay service stations and the media department at BP but no response had been received by the time of going to press.

A spokesman at Fraser Coast Fuel declined to comment.

Petrol Prices

Motorists are paying about $1.20 per litre in Maryborough while prices are still hovering around $1.29 per litre in Hervey Bay.

Extracted in full from the Fraser Coast Chronicle.