23 December 2015

Several years of campaigning by the National Roads and Motorists’ Association has paid off with today’s decision by the major petrol retailers and the Informed Sources website to make pricing information available to consumers at the same time as it is received by retailers.

The decision follows Federal Court action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission after its investigation into the exchange of price information among the major retailers through the Informed Sources service.

NRMA President Kyle Loades called this morning’s outcome a ‘historic win for motorists’.

‘This morning’s resolution follows years of campaigning by the NRMA for transparency in petrol pricing,’ Mr Loades said.

‘This outcome, whereby the major chains will make prices available to consumers at the same time the retailers receive it, will help motorists make an informed choice about where and when they refuel. This is the result for which the NRMA has long fought.’

The Federal Court result follows this week’s announcement by the NSW Government that all service stations in NSW will display their prices in real time on the Fair Trading website.

This measure was strongly supported by the NRMA, Mr Loades said.

‘The oil companies have historically shared this information among themselves, but it has never been available to the public,’ Mr Loades said.

‘This too will be a game changer. At last consumers will get the transparency to which they are entitled around this crucial weekly expense.’

Extracted in full from Sky News.