Yahoo New Zealand, 18 December 2015

A cashier at a petrol station fought off a gun-toting robber after hurling his shoe at the assailant, CCTV footage shows.

The footage, uploaded to video sharing website LiveLeak, shows Amrit Singh, 58, hurl his footwear at the masked raider and then chase him out of the shop.

The incident happened at the Citgo station in Staatsburg, New York, on Tuesday this week.

Singh, a married father of two, told the Poughkeepsie Journal:”I had [not] planned to do something.

“Something can tell me inside what to do. I tried to give him money. I don’t know really, what happened.”

The gunman, who eventually fled empty handed, fired at Singh’s shoe-less feet outside the store but missed, the shopkeeper told theJournal.

He has owned the store for 19 years and had been robbed once before, he added.

Extracted in full from 7 News.