Leigh van den Broeke and Mark Morri, 09 December 2015

HEAVILY-armed police have reportedly found a body as they searched a creek near the service station where a man was shot dead this afternoon.

A body has been found after the hunt for the gunman moved from the town centre to the creek.

Reports say that no shots were fired by police.

The victim was Darren Wallace, a Finks sergeant-at-arms.

The man found dead in a creek is believed to be a Rebels member.

Argyle St at Picton was locked down between Margaret St and Regreme St as well the local high school after the killing around 12.25 today.

The body of a man, covered by a sheet, could be seen next to the bowser at the Shell service station.

Strike Force Raptor, tasked with targeting outlaw motorcycle gangs, has been brought in to investigate the shooting.

Sources have told The Daily Telegraph that the shooting is understood to have been related to an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

This is not the first bikie related incident in Picton in recent months.

A tattoo parlour across the road from the petrol station, owned by the family of Bachelorette winner Sasha Mielczarek, was hit in a drive-by shooting in November in a dispute that police believe was linked to the Rebels bikie gang.

Picton is well-known Rebel territory and police are investigating whether the shooting is related to an internal battle inside the club or an outside gang.

Police have confirmed that the shooting is not terror related and is believed to have been a targeted shooting.

Local Geoff Hill, 65, said he saw the dead body of a man when he pulled down the blinds to his work today which is opposite the service station.

“We know there has been a murder and the police have set up a command station out the front of the service station,” he said.

“Police are everywhere at the moment.

“Apparently one guy shot another one, I heard there was an ambulance officer nearby and she was near to it.

“We can see a body and it is covered by a white sheet.

“Someone alerted me that there had been a shooting on the other side of the road. I opened up the blinds and observed there was a body laying near the petrol pump.

“We have been told to evacuate the building … the police helicopter is above probably looking for the guy who did it.”

A caller to 2GB told the radio station that they saw the shooting.

“We saw a man stagger and fall on to his back. We thought maybe he had a heart attack,” he said.

“Saw a man drop. We were going to get out of the car when police were screaming at us to get out of there.

“He was solid build, and probably middle-aged.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed that a man had been shot at a service station about 12.25pm today and a perimeter has been setup.

She said there have been no arrests and members of the public are urged to avoid the area.

The polair helicopter is currently hovering above the area.

The shooting happened at the Coles Express service station according to reports from Seven News which has also claimed the Picton High School is in lockdown.


Extracted in full from the Daily Telegraph.