03 December 2015

AFTER 25 years Ben Benedetto is back behind the counter at the Shell service station on Toolooa St.

Mr Benedetto and his son Laurie re-opened the servo yesterday and started pumping petrol into tanks at 3pm after Coles Express moved out 11 days ago.

When he left the business petrol was going for 65c a litre – it’s now up to $1.24 – and he also left the shop fully stocked and ready to go for the new operators.

Fast forward to now and the servo is just starting to get more stock in to fill the empty shelves after Coles Express left the shop bare.

It’s taken a big effort by the father and son team to get things ready for service.

“There was a bit of a miscommunication and when they left they took the fuel control for the bowser which meant we couldn’t pump petrol,” Laurie said.

“We were lucky to get another control sent up in time.

“It’s been a special effort by everyone,” he said.

Mr Benedetto said the change over hadn’t exactly been smooth but that he was up for the challenge.

“We’re only little people but we’ll bend over backwards to help our people,” he said.

“I enjoy it but I want to get everything looking and operating like a servo again.”

At this stage Mr Benedetto is unsure of what his operating hours will be but his doors are open and his bowsers are full and ready to fill thirsty cars.

Extracted in full from The Gladstone Observer.