Caitlin Ryan, 07 December 2015

CHRISTMAS has come early for motorists in Melbourne’s west, with one service station dropping its price for unleaded petrol.

Supagas on Fairbairn Rd in Sunshine West is selling unleaded petrol for 89c per litre.

Manager Tim Salisbury said they were due to start renovations at the station, which included moving their tanks underground, and needed to get rid of the fuel quickly.

The station first dropped it price for unleaded to 99c per litre on Wednesday, before going 10 cents cheaper today.

“We thought about waiting until after Christmas,” Mr Salisbury said.

“But it feels good to give the loyal Supagas customers some cheap fuel before Christmas,” he said.

Mr Salisbury said motorists were lined up around the corner to take advantage of the offer.

“The way people are lined up, we expect to get rid of it today.”

RACV data shows that today’s highest fuel price in Melbourne is 149c per litre.

If you can’t make it to Sunshine West, they recommend you shouldn’t pay more than 120.8c per litre for unleaded petrol today.

Extracted in full from the Herald Sun.