Charlotte Lam, 29 January 2016

GIANT petrol and gas company BP has confirmed its Charlton petrol station next to Bronc Motor Inn on the Warrego Hwy has closed.

The announcement has come after independent service station Zimms Corner, across the road, revealed it would be put up for sale next week.

Proposals last year suggested a bowser boom for that stretch of the Warrego Hwy, including a redevelopment for Zimms Corner and pitches for another service station.

Late last year FKG’s $12million BP truck stop at the intersection of the Warrego Hwy and O’Mara Rd began construction.

Then development company Rhonzoa proposed building a service station on the intersection of the Warrego Hwy and Augbiny Rd at Oakey.

But a BP spokesperson said the BP Charlton service station had “ended operations” after coming to the end of the existing lease term.

He said: “While it is disappointing to see the site close, we are very pleased that a new BP branded truck stop will soon open within the same area. BP Toowoomba Westbound, as the site will be known, is located less than one kilometre away.”

The BP truck stop is coming along, with the walls and roof recently erected.

Extracted in full from The Chronicle.