Andrew Backhouse, 20 January 2016

RECORD low oil prices have yet to flow through to Toowoomba bowsers.

And thanks to the low Australian dollar motorists are unlikely to see massive relief any time soon.

Today the average price of fuel in Toowoomba is 121.5 cents a litre, with the cheapest 115.9 cents and the most expensive 124.3 cents.

RACQ says the price should be 115.4 cents, about 5 cents cheaper than the average price.

The fair price takes into account the price of oil, terminal gate price, reasonable costs such as travel and margins.

RACQ spokesman Renee Smith said while there were drops in international oil prices, the weak Aussie dollar meant the price at the bowser wouldn’t drop below $1 in Queensland.

“In some parts it’s expected to drop below $1.10 but even though oil prices are dropping, that’s only one of several contributing factors,” she said.

Ms Smith said diesel was massively overpriced at the moment.

“We’re seeing that in many parts of the state.”

The average price for diesel is 120.8 cents in Toowoomba and one service station is charging 142.9.

RACQ thinks a fair price would be 110.9 cents.

Ms Smith said shopping around was important.

“Many people fill up out of convenience but motorists shouldn’t assume that all service stations are charging the same.”

New Facebook page Toowoomba’s Cheapest Fuel Prices is posting daily tallies of the cheapest fuel locations in the Garden City.

Ms Smith said sharing knowledge could help.

“Use people power and force the service stations that are charging more to lower their prices.”

RACQ’s Fair Price webpage also provides motorists with an indication of what they should pay for fuel at

Extracted in full from The Chronicle.