Jack Harbour & Lucy Kinbacher, 22 January 2016

GOLD Coasters are being urged to avoid the bowser until next week to capitalise on the lowest petrol prices in months.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith says experts predict prices to drop from an average of $1.16/L for unleaded to less than $1.10/L next week with some retailers even expected to lower prices to below $1.

But motorists are warned that they will have to be vigilant to pick up the ultimate savings.

“Ours are falling at the moment, so we’re telling people if they can hold off to wait until next week because we think our average will go below $1.10/L,” Ms Smith said.

“Prices will stay low for a little while. We of course don’t want motorists to wait too long and miss out but when it is below a dollar you might blink and miss it.

“But we will stay below $1.10 for a little while.”

The Gold Coast’s fuel cycle is thought to currently be one week behind that of Sydney, with motorists in the NSW capital enjoying averages of around $1.05/L for unleaded yesterday.

Ms Smith said the RACQ expected the Gold Coast to follow Sydney’s lead next week.

“What we’ve seen in Sydney is not all service stations have priced at less than a dollar but we have seen a couple,” she said.

“We won’t be surprised if we see similar instances on the Gold Coast and southeast Queensland where some service stations do drop prices below a dollar.

“If that happens, it’s going to be more of a marketing gimmick than anything else because that’s below wholesale.”

Mermaid Beach resident Lauren Hilder-Darling was happy for the slight reprieve in high fuel prices yesterday when she topped up her vehicle at $1.15/L.

She said the past few months had been tough for Gold Coast motorists including herself.

“It depends on what my weekend plans are as to whether I top up or fill up,” she said.

“It’s been pretty shocking over the last couple of months so the prices at the moment are amazing.

“(If they lower them more) it’s definitely going to help with the amount of petrol that I end up using and it will make a huge difference at the end of the bill.”

Ms Hilder-Darling said if prices fell further she only hoped all local petrol stations would provide the same values.

“I just hope the rest of the fuel stations catch on to the lower prices,” she said.

“It can be annoying travelling to one and then going up the road and find it ten cents more.”

Extracted in full from the Gold Coast Bulletin.