Nick Bielby, 05 January 2016

Maitland had the ­seventh cheapest average petrol price in the state on Monday, out of 52 regions surveyed, according to new NRMA figures.

The data shows the ­average cost of regular unleaded fuel in Maitland was 116.8c/l at the beginning of this week, with a price range between 116.3c/l and 117.9c/l.

Maitland was placed several spots ahead of Newcastle, where the average fuel price was 122.2c/l, with a range of 106.9c/l to 160.9c/l.

Wollongong had the state’s cheapest average price for unleaded fuel at 111.5c/l, with a range of 103.4c/l to 137.9c/l.

The most expensive was at Mudgee, where it cost motorists an average of 142.2c/l for regular unleaded petrol.

The latest data proves the mid-December ­prediction from NRMA president Kyle Loades correct.

Mr Loades had forecast that the average price of fuel in Maitland would slowly fall during the Christmas/new year period in Maitland a time when petrol prices typically rise.

On Monday, the average price of unleaded fuel in Singleton was 126.9c/l, while on the Central Coast it was being sold from as low as 106.9c/l to142.9c/l.

Extracted in full from the Maitland Mercury.