Kelly Fuller, 14 January 2016

In May last year the competition watchdog cleared petrol stations in Armidale of any price collusion.

However the NSW MP for the Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall believes prices are unusually high again.

The ACCC released this statement in response:

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission are currently undertaking a detailed regional market studies in Armidale to explain each component of the prices paid at the bowser to understand why prices are higher in some regional locations.

“Armidale was chosen as petrol prices are among the highest in New South Wales. The average retail price of unleaded petrol in Armidale was 144.7 cpl in 2014-15, which was 10.6 cpl higher than the five largest cities (i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth),” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

“These regional fuel market studies are about ensuring transparency about the key drivers of regional petrol prices. They have the potential to empower regional communities and various levels of government with information and recommendations that assist their decision-making. We may also uncover a breach of the Competition and Consumer Act that was not otherwise apparent.”

The ACCC hopes to finalise the study and publish a public report in the coming months.

Extracted in full from ABC.