Jil Hogan, 21 January 2016

If Costco Petrol taught us anything, it’s that Canberrans love bargain fuel.

That love could reach fever pitch next week with fuel selling for around 9 cents per litre in Fyshwick.

Metro Petroleum in Barrier Street will host the Canberra launch of app Go2 Rewards, and will sell fuel at $1 off per litre between 12pm and 2pm on Wednesday January 27.

The service station already has some of the lowest fuel prices in Canberra, with fairly consistent lines of cars waiting to fill up.

Their petrol prices this week have hovered around 109 cents per litre, which would mean motorists would pay 9 centre per litre during the two hour promotion.

The promotion is to launch app Go2 Rewards in Canberra, which rewards users with fuel discounts for shopping at partner businesses.

Go2 Rewards founder Rick Firth said the app was created out of a desire to, “keep the bastards honest”.

“Over half of the petrol stations are owned by Coles and Woolies. I believe they rip us all off,” he said.

Firth believes the app will help level out the playing field in the fuel industry by showing discrepancies between fuel prices and giving the public the prices in an easy to use app.

Similar to Coles and Woolworths fuel discount coupons, users earn discounts by shopping at specific partner stores, but can then use their fuel discount at any service station – even on top of other discounts.

The discount isn’t received instantly at the bowser, but is refunded to you once you upload your receipt to the app.

“So instead of offering a discount at the register, the businesses pay the fuel reward to the member,” he said.

Go2 Rewards currently has 1080 businesses in Canberra on board, including Uber, Ainslie and Yarralumla IGA, Canberra Outlet Centre, Seears Workwear and Gymquip Fitness. Depending on the business, shopping can earn direct discounts or the chance to win discounts.

The Go2 Rewards app allows users to store petrol receipts for tax purposes, and shows petrol prices, which are updated based on users uploading the data, plus the closest petrol stations.

“What we want our app to be able do is let you have the choice of being able to find the cheapest and closest fuel near you when you need it most,” he said.

“And we believe that that can save the average motorist a good chunk of money each year. And getting businesses on board with us as partners, we can drive loyalty and keep people shopping in the community.”

The founders, who are based in Grafton, ran a similar giveaway on the Gold Coast last year which saw 1,200 cars lining up for cheap fuel.

After Canberra, Go2 Rewards is set to launch in Sydney on March 3, and the company has plans to expand beyond Australia to operate internationally.

The app is currently only available on iPhone but will be available to download on Android by January 27 in time for the launch.

Extracted in full from the Canberra Times.