Ashley Manicaros & Tamara Howie, 16 January 2016

TERRITORIANS are still ­getting gouged at the bowser despite diesel prices dropping more than 2.5¢ per litre ­yesterday.

The small saving was in line with a drop in the terminal gate price (TGP) but still allowed retailers to be making upwards of 37¢ per litre profit.

AANT CEO Byron Henderson said a profit margin of 15¢ per litre and lower was considered acceptable.

The terminal gate price for crude oil and the wholesale price of diesel have been in decline since late last year.

Diesel had been stuck at 135.5¢/l in Darwin, more than 14¢ higher than the national average, and 37¢/l higher than the terminal gate price. It fell to 132.9¢/l at the bowser yesterday while the TGP was still at 96.4¢/l, a 36.5¢/l profit margin.

Ms Henderson said there was no justifiable reason for ­retailers not passing on the price cut.

“Australian Petroleum said it might take 7-14 days to pass on but we’ve seen the drop (in TGP) in mid-November and we’re in January, some two months later, and we’re yet to see it,” he said.

“They’re just trying to make as much profit as possible.

“If you look at unleaded they’re running at a much tighter margin where the focus has been over the last 12 months. It’s about 15¢/l across Darwin and the NT, even in Katherine but Alice Springs is a little bit worse off.”

Ms Henderson said it was a common issue across the country for cities of a similar size to Darwin.

Hobart retailers charged $1.30/l for diesel yesterday while Canberra was at $1.26/l. Adelaide was best off at $1.11/l.

“It’s certainly across the board with the lower volume cities but still not acceptable to be paying those margins,” Mr Henderson said.

More than one-third of all cars registered in the Territory are diesel – well above the national average.

Extracted in full from NT News.