Perth man took shark strapped to bullbar through service station

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January 7, 2016
Simon White, 06 January 2016

The already strange tale of a Perth man who drove home from a fishing trip with a shark strapped to his bullbar has only become stranger – with footage emerging of the catch being taken on a fuel stop-off.

Seven News Perth aired an interview on Tuesday night with the angler, revealed to be a great-grandfather in his 70s.

The man reiterated the view that the bullbar attachment was his only practical method of transporting the heavy tiger shark back from a Safety Bay boat ramp.

But new vision also surfaced showing the man’s four-wheel-drive stopped at a petrol station with shark mounted at the front, as curious onlookers rushed in to grab photos.

“If I could have put the shark in the boat or anywhere else I would have done it,” the fisherman, who didn’t want to be named, told Seven News.

“I wasn’t showing off.”

The man maintained any abandoning off the shark off shore – he claimed it was already dead by the time he reeled it in – would have attracted other sharks and possibly become a safety risk.

The WA Fisheries Department has said it was not clear whether the shark was oversized and therefore constituted an illegal catch.

To be legal sized for recreational fishing, tiger sharks must not have an interdorsal fin length of 700 millimetres or greater.

Nevertheless, Fisheries metropolitan regional manager Tony Cappelluti said a quiet word to the man might be in order.

“If we don’t have any evidence and we do happen to catch up with this person we might have a quiet discussion about his fishing behaviour and his fishing ethics,” Mr Cappelluti said.

 Extracted in full from WA Today.


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