Orlander Ruming, 06 January 2016

The price of petrol in Dubbo has remained high, despite Sydney prices dropping to an average of 107.7 cents per litre.

The average unleaded price in Sydney has dropped to almost 100 cents, but Dubbo’s average daily price on Monday was recorded by the NRMA Bowser Buster at 129.8 cents.

Dubbo’s petrol was 10 cents more expensive than Bathurst, but slightly cheaper than the 132 cents offered in Orange.

It’s not included in the Bowser Buster, but Peak Hill prices are lower still at 89.9 cents for unleaded and diesel.

When it came to the average price of diesel, it cost 129.8 cents per litre for Dubbo motorists to fill up. In Orange diesel was 122.3 cents and in Bathurst it was 120.2 cents.

NRMA deputy chair Fiona Simson said the differing prices were largely due to independent stations in the towns and how much they were supported by the community.

“Between Dubbo and Orange there’s a 10 to 12 cent difference, which is a lot when you’re filling up the tank every day or regularly and can amount to $1,000 per year,” Ms Simson said.

“Consumers should be aware if they’re travelling around the region on a regular basis it’s really worth having a look at the Bowser Buster in nearby towns. It may be that they can get petrol cheaper elsewhere.”

Figures for the week ending December 20 had Dubbo ranked 40th out of the 54 towns the Bowser Buster compared in NSW and the ACT. In comparison, Bathurst was eighth and Orange was 47th.

For diesel prices, Dubbo was slightly better, coming in at 31st out of 51, Orange shot up the ranks to 16th and Bathurst was sixth.

The cheapest average petrol price at 113.4 cents was found in Bega for the second week in a row.

At 117.9 cents it was Temora that took out the cheapest diesel.

The most expensive petrol for both unleaded and diesel went to Gundagai at 139.4 cents and 134.9 cents respectively.

Mudgee was in the worst five of both petrol types.

Unleaded petrol was recorded at an average of 138.9 cents for the week- ranking the 53rd most expensive- while diesel was 132.7 cents- the 49th highest.

Extracted in full from the Daily Liberal.