Sophie Lester, 28 January 2016

Warwick resident Glen Sorensen said he was concerned fuel in Warwick was more expensive than other towns in the region.

“My brother-in-law fuelled up at Leyburn this week and it was at 104 cents a litre,” Mr Sorensen said.

“I’m not sure if [he bought] ULP or diesel, but I’m not sure how a little shop could be selling it for that much.

“Stanthorpe haven’t been to a fortnight was 104 cents when I last went there too.

“On Monday I filled up at Miles which has always been historically high and paid 110 cents for diesel.”

RACQ yesterday put the average fuel price in the Rose City at 117.1 cents for unleaded and 118.2 for diesel, five cents dearer than what the company estimates is a fair price for regional bowsers.

Though a discrepancy of five cents per litre may not bother some motorists, Mr Sorensen said it made a difference to producers who had to fuel several vehicles.

“I’m a beekeeper and run a business with two cars and two utes,” he said.

“I noticed the difference between the price at Stanthorpe and since then I’ve been taking jerry cans down there to fill up.

“I previously worked as a [service station attendant] years ago, and the joke is they say the fuel price is based on the Singapore price and not the US dollar.

“With the price of oil as low as it is, I don’t know why we aren’t seeing that at the pump and why those figures aren’t published.

“There needs to be more transparency for consumers because at the moment it seems like a giant rip off.”

RACQ spokesperson Michael Roth said regional fuel were often dictated by competitive business.

“Warwick isn’t looking too bad though we do want prices to come down, it just depends who is operating in the town,” Mr Roth said.

“Warwick has traditionally been pretty competitive and has historically gotten the gong for cheapest in Queensland so there’s no real reason to be too concerned.

Extracted in full from the Warwick Daily News.