18 February 2016

ADELAIDE’S lowest petrol prices in eight years could yet drop further in coming days, and motorists have been told they should fill the tank while the going’s good.

The RAA is advising motorists to fill up at independent retailers like Liberty and Mogas, which offered the city’s cheapest prices on Thursday, and senior analyst Chris West said even better deals could be just around the corner.

“The current average of 97.4c/litre is the lowest it has been since the 17th of December 2008 when the lowest price in Adelaide was 96c/litre,” he said.

“We would say there is more give in the market to still keep getting lower.

“The safest thing for motorists to do is keep their tanks full and take advantage of the low prices.

“The small independents are leading the way and are offering the best prices in Adelaide and Australia at the moment. Give them a go.”

Mr West said the city’s inner north and west generally had the cheapest fuel and suggested that anyone who drove out of their way to buy fuel at Costco or Coles on Churchill Rd could buy at an independent station instead.

He said prices at Gawler and parts of the Adelaide Hills, including Littlehampton, were also comparable and urged commuters from the Barossa or Murray Bridge to consider filling up in those towns.

Some rural areas, including Clare and Bordertown, have fuel at between $1.08/litre and $1.10/litre, while other rural areas such as Mount Gambier, Naracoorte, Port Lincoln and Whyalla were selling at higher prices of $1.14/litre to $1.19/litre.

Diesel and LPG users were also missing out, with prices higher than expected.

“Unfortunately for diesel and LPG users, they are not getting a fair deal at the pump,” Mr West said.

He said diesel was selling about 5c/litre too high at about $1.04/litre, while LPG was retailing about 10c/litre too high at about 69c/litre.

Reynella East mother of two Megan Johnson, 36, took advantage of the cheap petrol at the Liberty petrol station on Richmond Rd, which was selling unleaded for 94.7c/litre.

“I was on empty this morning so I was quite happy to see how cheap it was because we have two young kids so money is tight,” she said.

“Cheap petrol makes things a lot easier.”

Extracted in full from the Adelaide Advertiser.