Belinda Cleary, 23 February 2016

The frightening moment a massive brawl overflowed into a suburban service station has been caught on camera.

The footage shows dozens of men and woman flooding into a service station in Macquarie Fields, western Sydney, at around 11pm on Friday night – just seconds into the video a man is knocked to the ground.

The man is immediately set upon by other men in the crowd – one can be clearly seen punching him as he hits the ground. 

Another man looks to be trying to protect the fallen man – but he is out numbered and the violent assault continues.

Police say the brawlers came from an out-of-control party down the road.

The 100 plus party-goers were asked to leave the house, and when they did a fight broke out.

Police can be seen rushing into the centre of the fight – armed with batons and capsicum spray it takes seconds to break up the fight.

The man who had been knocked to the ground is assisted by two men – who help him up under the protection of the police.

A Macquarie Hills resident told 7 News he thought ‘the kids’ involved would ‘witness a murder’ because the brawl was so violent.

No one has been charged over the incident yet but police are expecting to make arrests.

Anyone with  information which could help police with their investigation are urged to call crime stoppers on  1800 333 000 FREE.

Extracted in full from The Daily Mail.