03 February 2016

When word went around this morning that a Sydney servo was offering free fuel, it was guaranteed to bring out the crowds.

St Marys Metro Petroleum offered drivers free fuel between noon and 2pm today as part of a publicity stunt for a new app.

Two men told 9NEWS reporter Jayne Azzopardi they had departed for the service station with about a quarter tank of fuel, only to shudder to a halt almost within sight of the station.

Making matters worse for the pair – the station’s deal had just finished.

Another motorist who also ran out of fuel before arriving got a little assistance from the 9NEWS crew, who helped push the car into the station.

Having just made it in time for the free fuel deal, he said it was almost worth the two hour drive in the 36 degree heat.

More than 300 cars turned up for the promotion.

There was a small catch for motorists keen to exploit the free fuel loophole – punters needed to download the Go2 Rewards fuel app.

Extracted in full from 9 News.