Andrew King, 02 February 2016

FUEL price have spiked by more than 20 cents at most outlets today after Monday’s low fuel prices saw Peel motorists fill up for less than $1 per litre.

Only one outlet, Caltex Woolworths Mandurah near Bunnings, has kept its prices low, actually lowering the price of unleaded from 103.4c to 101.4c (the cheapest in the state) which can go lower with a shopping docket.

Its fellow Caltex stores which were selling fuel at 103.4c yesterday have skyrocketed to 124.9c per litre.

Puma Pinjarra Road is the only other store to sell fuel under the 124.9c mark with petrol available for 115.9c.

The cheapest price for LPG in the Peel region is still 69.7c at Caltex StarShop Lakelands and Caltex Woolworths Mandurah.

Diesel is still available at a heavily discounted price at BP Placid Ark in Coolup and the Waroona Roadhouse selling it for just 96.9c and 97.9c.

The stations are both selling diesel well below the average price as a result of the Waroona bushfires.

Figures from

Extracted in full from the Mandurah Mail.