15 February 2016

Unleaded petrol (ULP) prices in Perth have hit an 11-year low, with most sites selling the fuel for under $1.

FuelWatch said 267 of the 311 sites across the metropolitan area were offering ULP for under $1 a litre, with two stations in the Rockingham area selling it for as low as 92.9 cents a litre.

FuelWatch manager Lynne Gould said the last time prices were lower was in January 2005 and the last time the Perth average was under today’s figure of 100.5 cents a litre was in January 2009.

Ms Gould urged motorists to shop around.

“The most expensive fuel is actually 129.9, that’s a 37 cents a litre difference, so [I] do encourage motorists when you fill up, check FuelWatch, look for the cheapest fuel in your location and enjoy the opportunity to save some money,” she said.

Ms Gould said prices were expected to rise tomorrow.

“We all know that Monday is cheap petrol day in Perth so Monday is definitely the day to fill up,” she said.

“There will be a price hike that we expect on Tuesday and that can be anywhere between about 10 cents a litre and 16 cents a litre.

“If you need to shop up on Tuesday, still use the FuelWatch website.

“There will still be expected to be cheap prices out there but definitely Monday is the bargain day for petrol.”

The international benchmark for ULP has been decreasing in recent weeks and Ms Gould said that would probably see prices remain fairly low or even drop next week.

Extracted in full from ABC News.