Andrew Potts, 24 February 2016

Gold Coast Bulletin, Thursday February 24, 2000

PETROL pricing is something that is critical to price of living and everyone pays attention to.

Exactly 16 years ago today, Gold Coast motorists woke to hear the latest news that petrol prices were going up and down like yoyos.

Prices peaked at 81.9c a litre that morning but then dropped by as much as three cents within an hour following a public backlash.

Early morning radio bulletins angered motorists after broadcasting details of a massive hike in fuel prices at about 8am the previous day.

But by 9am the price had fallen to 78.9 c/litre at some service stations following the backlash.

With 16 years of hindsight, the price of petrol is significantly lower than it would be for most of the noughties.

Petrol prices hit their lowest point in January 2005 before spending much of the remaining decade at around $1.20/litre.

Early this week Gold Coast prices fell to 96c, the state’s cheapest.

Meanwhile, back in 2000, Palm Beach was celebrating after winning a major award.

Youngest Fairlie Hall and Tom Chilcott were pictured on the southern suburb’s beaches which they said they would chose over anywhere else in Queensland.

And their opinion was backed by the Keep Australia Beautiful Council which named Palm Beach Queensland’s cleanest beach despite it being heavily outnumbered by finalists from the state’s north.

The win was said to silence the Gold Coast’s critics from north Queensland.

Extracted in full from Gold Coast Bulletin.