04 February 2016

ACAPMA has been keeping members updated with the activities of the Road Safety and Remuneration Tribunal since 2012.  Late last year the RSRT released a new Order that sets out minimum rates that businesses must pay contractor drivers who are undertaking long distance operations, or who are delivering products destined for supermarkets.  These contractor rates are enforceable from 4th April 2016  and are based on a series of variables, such as the size of the vehicle, the ownership of the prime mover and any trailing equipment and incorporate a payment for each hour driven as well as a payment for each kilometre driven.  This is a departure from the approach taken under the Long Distance Award for employee drivers, where either a hours basis or a kilometre basis is used to determine remuneration.

The selection and application of the correct rates to each contractors specific situation can be confusing, and ACAPMA reminds members that the Employment Department can assist with determining the correct rate.

While the current Retail/Long Distance Order and Retail/Long Distance Rates Order that are enforceable now apply to supermarket movements primarily, it is important to note that they also apply to all long distance operations.  Interestingly the Retail/Long Distance Rates order specifically does not apply to the Fuel, Oil and Gas industry….but the general Retail/Long Distance Order does.  As such ACAPMA encourages all members who undertake long distance operations to review the ACAPMA Quick Reference Guide on the Retail/Long Distance Order to understand the requirements they must be meeting for all long distance operations, whether they are undertaken by employees or contractors.

For more on the Retail/Long Distance Order and the Retail/Long Distance Rates Order please see the following links;  Retail/Long Distance Order – http://www.rsrt.gov.au/index.cfm/remuneration-orders/enforceable-rsros/pr350280/ , Retail/Long Distance Rates Order – http://www.rsrt.gov.au/index.cfm/remuneration-orders/enforceable-rsros/pr350441/ .

ACAPMA would also like to advise members that subsequent to the rounds of conferences and the handing up of the report to the RSRT there has been further movement on the proposed DRAFT Order for Fuel, Oil and Gas, that would, if confirmed, apply to the whole fuel, oil and gas transport industry.  The consideration of the DRAFT Order is listed for mention in the RSRT next week and further news on the shape, impact and approach of this proposed Order will be communicated to members as it comes to light.

For more information on the current version of the DRAFT Fuel, Oil and Gas Order please click here – http://www.rsrt.gov.au/index.cfm/inquiries/oil-fuel-gas-sector/report/