18 February 2016

The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal has today called for submissions by interested parties on the matter of further regulation of the fuel transport industry.

Further to a series of conferences at the Tribunal that involved union and industry representatives the RSRT has today formally requested those that are interested in seeing the publication of a Road Safety Order to put forward proposed drafts for the comment of other interested parties and then decision by the Tribunal.

It is likely that there will be several Draft Orders put forward to the Tribunal by parties seeking further regulation of this area, as well as submissions from a diverse spread of industry and supply chain participants.

Proposed Draft Orders are to be submitted to the Tribunal by 7th April and responses or further submissions are to be made by 23rd May 2016.

ACAPMA has been involved in the conferences at the Tribunal and has engaged with other industry stakeholders with the aim of ensuring that all parties understand the operational realities that are faced by the operators in this space, as well as the likely impact of any changes.  This engagement has been in good faith and with a view to ensuring that the fuel transport industry is both safe and sustainable.

ACAPMA will continue to keep members informed on the progress of this matter and will continue to engage with all parties throughout the process.  Members who would like further information are encouraged to contact employment@acapma.com.au.

For more information on the RSRT please see http://www.rsrt.gov.au/ .