16 February 2016

An 18-year-old has been sentenced to 13 months in jail after ramming into a busy Broadmeadows service station and hitting a police car several times.

On January 24, Bradley Whittaker was high on ice behind the wheel of a stolen Nissan Skyline with three friends when police tried to intercept them and they reversed and spun circles around the service station.

Despite police attempts to stop him, Whittaker smashed into the police vehicle three times, running over an officer’s foot in the process.

He eventually became snagged on a kerb and police were able to subdue him with capsicum spray before he was arrested.

“Your behaviour is consistent with someone who is a more experienced criminal,” Magistrate Andrew Capell said during sentencing.

“It’s abundantly clear, methamphetamine is the cause of his problems.”

Whitakker’s lawyer James Mortley said his client wanted to turn his life around.

“He says the time is not worth the crime, he’s sick of sitting in jail, he knows that he needs to do something else … he doesn’t want to be addicted to drugs anymore,” Mr Mortley said.

Whittaker was jailed for 13 months and ordered to pay almost $17,000 in damages.

Extracted in full from 9 News.