Nathanael Cooper, 23 March 2016

The RACQ is urging motorists to keep an eye on petrol prices going into the long weekend with fuel tipped to dip below $1.10 in the coming days.

This year’s Easter break has coincided with the discounting phase of the petrol price cycle, meaning motorists heading off for the weekend can save a few dollars at the pump.

“Fortunately for motorists going into the long weekend we are in the discounting phase where we are at the bottom of the cycle,” RACQ’s Renee Smith said.

“So anyone who is planning on heading away for the long weekend or for school holidays should see some cheaper fuel.”

On Wednesday the average in Brisbane was $1.13 per litre but the discounting phase should see a few cents shaved off that price over the weekend.

“We hope that over the weekend the average will be below $1.10,” Ms Smith said.

“That’s the benchmark price to look out for.”

While service stations are notorious for hiking prices heading into long weekends, Ms Smith said that shouldn’t happen this Easter.

“There is absolutely no reason for (prices to go up),” she said.

“We would be very disappointed if service stations did do that.

“We should see prices keep falling into the long weekend and for the average to dip $1.10 per litre.”

But motorists should definitely take advantage of prices while they are low with the average fuel price could go up at any time.

“Prices could go up again as early as next week. We are watching very closely,” Ms Smith said.

“If you want to save money and are going on a road trip for Easter, take advantage of prices while they are low because they could go up at any time.”

Extracted in full from the Brisbane Times.