29 February 2016

MOTORISTS are being advised to fill up with petrol prices set to rise by an average of 19 cents across the metropolitan area.

From March 1 the average cost for unleaded (ULP) petrol at most Coles Express sites will be $1.19 per litre, an increase of 24 cents per litre.

The majority of Caltex Woolworths, Caltex and BP sites will raise their prices for ULP to $1.18 cpl while most Puma will increase ULP to $1.17 and most United sites to $1.14.

Fuel Watch said the weekly price cycle had seen Sunday and Monday, on average, proven to be cheapest with Tuesday and Wednesday now the most expensive days to fill up.

Despite the massive price hike, Fuel Watch says there will still be more than 30 sites selling below $1.13.

The difference between the highest and lowest priced sites is 24 cents, which means drivers can save up to $14 on a 60 litre tank of fuel.

Extracted in full from Perth Now.